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Sports Excellence Trust Announces New Strategy to Attract Sponsorship Partners

The Sports Excellence Trust has taken unprecedented steps to rejuvenate flagging public and corporate sponsorship interest in SPORTS. It has been recognised that sponsor-fatigue is largely attributable to cases of mismanagement of funds and misdirection of resources, resulting in little return on the sponsor’s dollar and poor incentive to continue the investment.

This is all set to change as Sports Excellence Trust, in a serious show of intent, have engaged the professional services of worldwide accountancy firm. The accounting firm will administer and manage the financial activities of Trust body.  Sports Excellence Trust board will ensure finances are utilised for their intended purpose and to best effect, while eliminating the potential for corrupt practise.Sports Excellence Trust’s commitment to a strict adherence to proper corporate governance, transparent and accountability will see investor confidence strengthen, resulting in secure and profitable sponsorship associations, for the ultimate benefit of sport.

As well as creating and managing this synergy between Trust and sponsors , a Marketing and Advertising company is tasked with repositioning sport partnership, as well as spearheading sponsorship recruitment initiatives. With vision and innovation, Sports Excellence will create unique and exciting brand avenues, enhancing the value-proposition of sports sponsorship.

As an act of initial engagement Sports Excellence Trust is looking to raise funds to set up offices, and is positioned to offer significant sponsorship opportunities in return.Under the scrutiny of accounting firm, a dedicated bank account will be set up to receive and distribute in an accountable manner, all monies that potential sponsors or well-wishers may care to involve or contribute. It is imperative that this is the only channel that funds are received through, and not via Sports Excellence Trust.


  • Sport offers loyalty, entertainment, passion, and reaches out to all demographics, creating an environment with no boundaries.

  • The creation of a relationship between sport and corporates should be beneficial to both parties.

  • Aligning with Sport Excellence Trust is an excellent method of increasing brand awareness.

Associating products or services with sports can reap huge benefits

  • Sport offers continuous advertising opportunities

  • The fan base is a ready database to target market.

  • Zimbabwe fans are keenly loyal and they can extend that loyalty to thesponsors

  • Fans offer an extended network through friends and family

  • Sport is an international language, which is now developing an active and bandwagon following the world over. It’s a celebration of the best of humanity.

  • Sponsors can also reinforce awareness among target markets by sponsoring additional events and clinics

We do not see sponsorship as an act of charity – rather as a corporate decision that must provide a positive return on investment.



  • Raising brand awareness and developing brand preference in the marketplace

  • Creating positive PR and raising awareness of an organization as a whole

  • Providing attractive context for products and services

  • Providing the platform for promoting and nurturing good relations with stake holders

A brand can benefit greatly by associating with such excellence. Sponsoring sport teams adds value to a company’s brand proposition.
In nearly all sectors of all markets there is intense competition among companies and brands. Often there is little difference between products in terms of quality, content and price. To make brand stand out from the crowd, sponsors will use sport to create a unique positioning in the mind of the consumer.
Thousands of fans watch sport teams at various stadia whilst millions watch sports on television, therefore advertising before, during and after matches through various media/channels provides a readily available target market more likely to have disposable income.
Sponsors can support activities that are enjoyable and memorable for audiences and participants, and provide occasions to build brand value.
Top of the list on most sponsor requirements is media coverage. Community interaction, pre match, during the match and post-match create opportunities for exciting and interesting newspaper photographs and television images showing sponsors’ brands on shirts or banners. Such exposure creates brand familiarity for consumers. Sponsor’s logos will stand out from those of competitors means increased consumption from consumers who are looking to spend money.
Sponsors directorsand employees want to feel comfortable with a business partnership with sports, and to feel confident about getting good returns on investment.  Sports Excellence Trust will act as ambassador for brand, saying to the world, “This brand is all about being innovative, dependable, and it is full of vitality and life.”



  • Advertising banners during matches organized by Sports Excellence Trust.

  • Market products to fans and affiliates.

  • Advertise on training, travelling and playing kits during tournaments organized by Sports Excellence Trust.

  • Endorsement ofselected players and technical team

  • Cross marketing and competitions

  • Advertising space on match day program magazines.

  • Avail VVIP, VIP for all Sports Excellence Trust events.

  • Advertising space on VIP tickets

  • Advertise Sponsor’s products in publications which are website, magazines, mobile app, face book, match day program and pamphlets.

  • Display sponsors’ banners at all Sports Excellence Trust functions

We look forward to work with you in a transparent and professional manner.


Interested parties wishing to partner, or those wanting more information on how to become involved, should contact Wellington Vengayi Mugwagwa on +263772802139 or email setalightmag@gmail.com