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SRC engage police over Zifa

THE Sports Commission have engaged the police to investigate ZIFA over alleged misappropriation of public funds.

The investigation covers the period from December last year to now.

Prince Mupazviriho, the Sports Commission director-general, wrote to the ZRP seeking their assistance in compelling ZIFA to release the information which the regulatory body first demanded in July.

It is the Commission’s belief there has been misappropriation of public funds at ZIFA.

The football leaders, though, deny that.

Mupazviriho wrote a letter to the Deputy Director Commercial Crimes Division in the Criminal Investigations Department.

“As indicated in our letter to yourselves, dated 10 July 2019, we now wish to formally request the urgent assistance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to carry out investigations at ZIFA, and any related third parties, in respect of conduct of a criminal nature involving public funds availed to ZIFA by the SRC and Government,’’ Mupazviriho wrote.

“In particular, we wish that the investigations focus on the following matters of grave concern to the SRC as set out in the letter of July 3.

“Key to this issue is the use of public funds received by ZIFA and, or, any of its officials as well as involvement of a company called Conduit Holdings in appearing to obstruct the course of justice by frustrating the Order of the High Court of Zimbabwe.

“The SRC stands by to assist should you require further information.’’

In his first letter addressed to ZIFA chief executive, Joseph Mamutse, Mupazviriho said they were “acutely aware of the controversies surrounding the Warriors’ AFCON campaign which ended in embarrassing fashion on June 30 following a 4-0 humiliation by DRC.

“These controversies give rise to a prima facie case of gross impotence on the part of ZIFA, such conduct and/or omissions appearing consistent with Section 30 (i) (c) of the SRC Act regarding conduct by ZIFA in a manner which is contrary to the nation’s interest.

“In terms of the said Section 30, the SRC board have directed that ZIFA avail it the following detailed information on or before close of business Friday 12 July, 2019:

  1. ZIFA to detail all funds received by it from FIFA and CAF and/or any other football body recognised by FIFA during the period of 16 December 2018 to 30 June 2019.
  2. ZIFA to detail all funds disbursed to all of its board (members) during the same period, and the purposes of each such disbursement to the member concerned.
  3. ZIFA to detail all funds received by it from the government, and members of the public, during the same period aforesaid.
  4. ZIFA to explain the source of funding for the charter of an aeroplane to Cairo for its members and supporters for the Warriors.
  5. ZIFA to provide the rationale for this decision in light of the allegations that all or some of the Warriors had outstanding emoluments to them.
  6. ZIFA to provide a passenger manifest in respect of such charter and the reason for the journey by each such person on the manifest.
  7. The total cost of the charter, and the total cost of accommodation paid for by Zifa in respect of the charter passengers.
  8. ZIFA to provide an affidavit from the Warriors’ captain regarding his views and opinions in respect of the reported discord within the Warriors camp over outstanding allowances and agreement on AFCON fees.
  9. ZIFA to provide detail of its financial relationship with a reported company, Conduit Holdings (Private) Limited, focusing in particular on allegations of criminal conduct in evading a valid Court Order.
  10. The head of the Technical Warriors Committee to provide, in affidavit form, the collective views of his committee, regarding the reasons for any discord within the Warriors camp that may have been a contributory factor in the team’s disappointing performance at Afcon.
  11. ZIFA to include any other information that may assist the SRC in formulating its position, based on established facts, with regard to the Afcon campaign

“Only when all this information has been provided will the SRC consider Zifa’s request for a meeting”. Herald

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