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Ronaldinho case takes shock twist

After confusion surrounding the arrest of football legend Ronaldinho over alleged falsified passports, new information has been revealed over his prosecution.

Ronaldinho was detained this month after entering Paraguay alongside his brother, both in possession of fake documentation to enter the country.

Questions quickly arose of the crime due to Brazilians having the ability to enter their neighbouring nation without the need for a passport or visa.

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While his legal representatives claimed the passports that stated the duo was Paraugyan citizens were gifts, it’s been revealed they were denied bail and appeals for house arrest due to more serious allegations.

According to a report from Reuters, the inquiry that led to the arrest of Ronaldinho includes a money-laundering scheme involving the businesswoman who invited him to Paraguay.

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Osmar Legal, the lead prosecutor in the case revealed the brothers and Dalia Lopez, who arranged their visit and met them on arrival are being investigated.

“She could be involved in a money-laundering scheme and that means we have to investigate all the other people that were related to that kind of crime, including Ronaldinho,” Legal said. “That is why we strictly maintain that he be kept in jail.

“Our principal hypothesis is that they produced false documents, that they used those documents [to enter Paraguay] and that they were eventually going to be used for some commercial means or investments that were not legal.”

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The lawyer handling the case for the 2002 FIFA World Cup winner said their detention was “arbitrary, abusive and illegal.”

But Legal added that the Assis brothers weren’t able to offer reasoning for the fake passports during intensive questioning shortly after the arrest.

“They weren’t able to answer [those questions]. They said they were a gift. Their lawyers said they were tricked and acted in good faith. But if we believe that everyone acts in good faith then no one would ever go to jail.” Online

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