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Rainbow Amateur Netball League responds to Zina

HARARE-IT appears the feud between the Zimbabwe Netball Association and Rainbow Amateur Netball League is far from being resolved.

Both parties are yet to agree on the way forward for the benefit of the sport and players.
ZINA and RANL have been involved in a dispute since the formation of the latter in 2018.

Last November, the Sports Commission directed ZINA to register RANL and recognise the Glow Petroleum-sponsored league.

They also gave a directive for the local netball mother body to convene an extraordinary general meeting to hold elections by January 31.

“On elections and the Sports Commission’s directive, let me say ZINA is operating with a constitution, and that constitution is registered with the SRC,’’ ZINA president Leticia Chipandu said.

“I think it will be better to ask the SRC to look at ZINA constitution, they should be in a position to answer this better because we are behaving according to our constitution.

“At our normal AGM, together with the council, we will discuss issues that need attention and make appropriate decisions.

“Otherwise, everything that we are doing is according to the constitution.’’
On the registration of RANL, Chipandu said they have written to the splinter league regarding the issue.
“They are most welcome, we wrote to them, the SRC is aware of that. We said come so that we formalise and we have been waiting for them,” said Chipandu.

RANL secretary-general Moses Gukurume yesterday said they have done all they could to be registered with ZINA, and nothing has materialised.

“We have done everything possible to get registered with the mother body,’’ he said.
“What we are not happy with is for them to try and regulate us in a manner that is not consistent even with their constitution

“ZINA is refusing to subordinate itself to SRC which gave them a clear directive to constitute a new body.
“It really shows that we are going nowhere.

“We will continue to engage constructively for the benefit of the sport.’’ Herald

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