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New Book Highlights Heated Debate With Mourinho While at Madrid

An excerpt from Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil’s new book, ‘Gunning for Greatness: My Life’, has been included in ​the Daily Mail, revealing a disagreement between the player and Jose Mourinho while at Real Madrid.

A team of pundits on ​Match of the Day 2 reacted to the story, which told of Mourinho mocking Ozil for what he perceived to be his work-shy attitude.

In his book, Ozil claims Mourinho ”danced around the dressing room imitating me, saying ‘Ooh I mustn’t get hurt… I mustn’t get dirty’ after a game in which the German playmaker had admittedly ‘slackened off a little.”

The disagreement escalated to the point where Mourinho said to Ozil: “Do you know what, Mesut? Cry if you like! Sob away! You’re such a baby. Go and take a shower. We don’t need you.”

Crystal Palace v Arsenal - Premier League

Ozil recalls his anger at Mourinho at the time, the ‘rant’ coming after a 5-1 win against Deportivo. The Portuguese coach shouted ”You’re not Zinedine Zidane, you know. No! Never! You’re not even in the same league!’’ as Ozil walked away.

The Frenchman was a player Ozil admired, and he admitted that Mourinho’s comments led to a long period of reflection. Still, Ozil reveals that “in truth I love Mourinho”, despite his sometimes unorthodox motivational methods.

Ozil has often been criticised for his demeanour at Arsenal, although it would be a surprise to hear of a similar disciplinary approach taken by Arsene Wenger!

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