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Musimboti traditional herbs recommended for sportspersons


EVER thought of traditional medicine and herbs for sportspersons?

Well, Musimboti products are available for sampling, and use,  and founder of the company Morgan Zimunya believes traditional herbs can play a leading role in sports medicine.
In an interview with SportsExcel, Zimunya said: “Traditional herbs are stimulants and an athlete can heal faster than one can think. Long ago, warriors never went to war without going through the rigours of traditional herbs and this ensured they were strong and fit enough to attack the enemy, including running longer distances at the shortest possible time. So really, there is nothing amiss about athletes using herbs to keep themselves fit and repairing some of the ligaments in their bodies.”

He added: “They detoxify the body, removing acidity and increasing appetitte for eating healthy foods that are needed to grow an athletes muscles and body and keep them strong and fit.”
He further revealed that by 2004 a lot of golfers across the country came for his herbs. “And that worked quite well for a number of them, they produced very good results.”
The uptake of tradtional herbs is growing by the day, he says, with whites, Indians and even some church people preferring them to other known medicines.
Some of the products available are Vuka/Muka, garlic, natural aloe, Daily Imbiza for hot burning feet, cramps, backache and heart palpitations and Chipfumuro. There is also the Combination yaboMama for sexual fitness and prevention of breast and cervical cancer.
The most important and common though is Moringa, which is known to treat a variety of issues within a person’s body.
These include balacing levels of sugar, eye treatment, muscles, removing wringles, improving sperm count among men, increasing ferlity in women and promotes circulatory system and blood pressure , among others.

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